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Shadow Effect
Shadow Effect  

When the cross is placed in the path of the cathode rays, a sharp shadow is formed. Its sharpness is an indication that the rays are emitted from the cathode in a definite direction and not like from a luminous surface in all direction. It shows that the cathode rays travels in straight line.

Pnp Transistor Unit
Pnp Transistor Unit  

Mounted on transparent Acrylic base, with 4 mm. colour coded sockets, with circuit diagram printed for demonstration.

Solar Energy Kit
Solar Energy Kit  

A very versatile and illustrative teaching tool this kit permits the students to use solar energy in an interesting and practical manner. The kit consists of a solar panel housed in a plastic box. It also includes, a low consumption motor with fan, Buzzer, L.E.D. this kit demonstrates the conversion of solar energy in all sorts of energy tangible outputs like light, sound and blowing wind.

Battery Eliminator
Battery Eliminator  

These are built in nicely finished steel, cabinets having lock type terminals, On/Off switch, and jewel light. Full wave bridge rectifiers, double wound transformers are used with copper wire and high-grade laminations to avoid losses. Input 230 volts 50 Hz. A.C. and output 2,4,6,8,10 and 12 V D.C.

Cat. No. Current 
A 500mA
B 1 Amp
C 2 Amp
D 3 Amp
E 5 Amp


Power Supply AC And DC
Power Supply AC And DC  

This unit provides A.C./D.C. voltages in 2V steps up to 12V. The A.C. is rectified to give the D.C. equivalent. An automatic electronic circuit breaker gives protection against electrical overload or short circuit. The circuit breaker opens when the rated current is exceeded . Separate A.C. and D.C. socket terminals allow 4 mm. plug to be used for connection to the output. Connection to the mains lead, supplied with each unit. The unit is enclosed in a ventilated power coated steel cabinet

Main Input : 220/230 Volts 50Hz.
Voltage Output : A.C. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12V full wave rectified equivalent
Protection : Main cartridge fuse.
Cat. No. Current Max. 
A 2 Amp
B 3 Amp
C 5 Amp



Power Supply Continuously Variable 25V
Power Supply Continuously Variable 25V  

The most versatile power supply that can fulfil most of the requirements of a physics laboratory. It provides  continuously variable A.C. and D.C. voltage output. A meter is provided to indicate both A.C. and D.C. voltages. An internal fuse is provided for input and a resettable cut-out for output. The unit is enclosed in a ventilated power coated steel cabinet. With detachable 1.5 metre mains lead.


Output Voltages : 0 to 25V A.C. and under smoothened full wave rectified D.C.
Voltage Selection : Rotary continuously variable transformer operated by a large knob on front panel.
Output Display  : A.C. and D.C. output voltages by a moving coil meter with selector switch to select A.C. and D.C.
Circuit Protection : Mains input 3A internal glass fuselink. Output is protected by a resettable cut-out.
Output Terminals : Colour coded 4mm sockets.
Mains Input : 220-240V 50/60 Hz
Cat. No. Current Max. 
A 5 Amp
B 8 Amp
C 10 Amp

Function Generator
Function Generator  

Features :

Frequency Range   : 1 Hz to 100 KHz (In Five Steps)
Output Waves form : Sine, Square & Triangular
Amplitude  : 0-20V pk to pk (In three steps with fine & coarse adjustment)
Output Impedance  : 500 ohm
Protections : A.C. Input by fuse of 0.5A & Output in short circuit protected.
Output Supply : 230V ±10%, 50 Hz A.C.

Oscilloscope 25 Mhz Dual Channel With Component Tester
Oscilloscope 25 Mhz Dual Channel With Component Tester  

The 25 MHz oscilloscope are dual-channel oscilloscope with maximum sensitivity of 5mV/DIV. The time base provides a maximum sweep time of 0.2 uS/DIV. when magnified by 10, the sweep speed is 20nS/DIV. Each of these oscilloscope employs a 6-inch rectangular type cathode-ray tube with red internal graticule. These oscilloscope are sturdy, easy to operate and exhibits high operational reliability.

Features :

  • Max. Vertical Sensitivity 1 mV/div 
  • Alternate trigger
  • TV-V, TV-H Sync Separator
  • Max. TB Speed
  • Z axis TTL Level


Technical Specification :

Vertical Axis

Bandwidth  : DC-25 MHz
Deflection Coefficients : 5mV/div-20V/div, 12 steps in 1-2-5 sequence Variable Continuously Variable to 1/2.5 or less than panel-indicated value
Rise time   : Approx 15.3
Input impedance : 1 M ohm//25pF (approx.)
Vertical modes : CH1, CH2 : DUAL ALT or CHOP (250 KHz), ADD
Maximum input voltage  : 350V peak

Horizontal Axis

Sweep time   : 0.2 s/div-0.5 Sec/div, 20 steps in1-2-5 seq.
Sweep time accuracy : +/- 3%
Sweep variable  : <1/2.5 of panel-indicated value
Sweep magnification : 10 times

X-Y Mode

Bandwidth  : DC to 500 KHz (minimum)
X-Y phase difference: 3° at DC to 50 KHz

Z Axis

Modulation   : TTL Level
Frequency bandwidth : DC 2 MHz
Component tester Tests   : Resistors, Capacitors, Transistors, Diodes & Zeners.
Test Voltage : - 8V (approx) at 28 mAmp


Triggering source   : CH1,CH2,LINE,EXT,ALT
Coupling AC : 20Hz to full bandwidth
Slope  : Positive or Negative
Triggering modes : AUTO,NORM,TV-V, TV-H.

Calibration output

Waveform   : Square wave
Frequency : 1 KHz (approx.) at voltage : 2 Vpp ± 2%
CRT Type  : 6-inch rectangular type, internal graticule.
Effective screen  : size 8x10 div (1 div = 10mm)

Power requirements: 220V±10%, 50 Hz Power consumption: Approx. 40VA, 35W (max.)