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Student Projection Micoscope
Student Projection Micoscope  

A greatly enlarged image of the specimen slide is projected on the screen, providing a high contrast, sharp and distortion free image. The microscope is highly suitable for group discussions as well as for teaching purposes.

 General Features :-

 Stable and robust stand

  • Monocular fixed straight tube body. Mechanical tube length 160 mm.
  • Separate knobs for coarse and fine focussing.
  • Fixed square stage 110 x 110 mm with graduated detachable mechanical stage.
  • Triple revolving nose-piece with click stops and positive centering.
  • Fixed built-in Abbe condenser N. A 0.65
  • Illumination by 6V 20 W halogen lamp with solid state variable light control knob for adjusting the intensity of light.
  • Grainless, optically true circular glass projection screen dia. 150 mm rotatable through 360° on microscope tube.

  Eyepiece : Huygenian x10

 Objectives : Achromatic: x5, x10, x20.

Over Head Projectors
Over Head Projectors  

An Ideal tool for educational purposes in the modern life. Compact in size, portable, efficient and light weight. All optical components are selected and designed to give sharp images from corner to corner on the screen as we write, draw or sketch our illustrations on transparent cellophane roll. Electronic control for variable light is provided to get the desired intensity. Foolproof rack-pinion. Focusing mechanism is incorporated, for setting and focusing clear image from the projection distance of one meter to eight meteres.

 Halogen Lamp with RSC base 650/250 W. Transparencies on work surface of standard size are used. Fresnel lens thematically sealed. Front surface, coated mirror is elevating device with lock. Ventilation fan, self lubricating balanced is away from the operator. Themrostst is provided to safeguard against any damage.. all components used are interchangeable for replacement. Operates on 220-250 vol 50Hz / 5 amp3 3 Pin Plug.

 Three safety characteristics :

 Opening of the top cover is possible only after power supply has been disconnected to prevent electrical shocks. Fan is connected with the mains. In the event of fan motor failure or overheating, a thermostat is provided to safeguard the instrument and Fresnel lens. Safety use is interlocked with electric control which protects the lamp against the voltage fluctuations.

 Spares :

 Halogen Lamp spare, quartz iodine lamp 600/650 W and cellophane roll, made of imported high quality material, perfectly transparable 10 meter in length.

Portable Overhead Projector
Portable Overhead Projector  

It is folding type Overhead Projector which folds in seconds to carry comfortably in a moulded luggage carrying case. Smooth effortless focusing with 3 element high definition vari-focus lens, picture sharpness compensator guarantees a brilliant picture with resolution and optimum contrast. It is provided with twin 24V-250W Halogen Bulbs. Even if one Lamp fails, the twin lamp switch over facility enables you to change the lamp instantly. The mini Turbo cooling fan protects the projector mechanism without disturbing the audience. It is also provided with a thermal cut out to protect mirrors, lamps and lenses. Fresnel lens A4 Size (285x285mm), hard coated and scratch resistant is provided. Supplied in moulded luggage carrying case.