Quality Assurance

We shall continuously strive to exceed the expectations of our customers by providing defect-free products, services and solutions, on time and within budgeted cost. We shall also endeavor to nurture an environment where trust, fairness and integrity flourish..
We exercise total control over the Production and Quality of our range of products and ensure best service and value for your investment at every stage. We have a team of experts, which maintains a supervision during the manufacturing process. The products are inspected with proper documentation. All the products have inspection reports and test certificates to avoid any defects.

We have modeled our Quality Assurance System as per ISO 9001: 2000 stipulations. The products and instruments manufactured by us are tested at every stage in a well equipped laboratory where the electrical, electronic and scientific instruments are traceable to the National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi. Further the design of the instruments is supported by the research and development in the leading laboratories of India.

R&D Lab
Our R&D Department is constantly working under constant guidance of with leading research Institutes in India Like NPL (National Physical Laboratory New Delhi) & IDDC Haryana (Instrument design and development center). We have a test house status with calibrated instruments having traceability to the National Laboratories. Rigorous in house tests are carried out on all products to ensure defect- free manufacture. Research and Development division constantly improves existing products as well as adds new ones.