Water Stills and Mortar Pestle

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Mortars And Pestles, Porcelain
Mortars And Pestles, Porcelain  

Made from porcelain. Outer body and lips are glazed. Bottom and inner portion unglazed. The strength of the material is so maintained that they are both Acid and Alkali resistant. All Porcelain handle or wooden as desired.

Cat. No. Inside Dia (mm.)  Ht. (mm.)  Cap. (ml.) 
A 60 44 60
B 75 48 100
C 85 70 150
D 100 70 275
E 130 80 400
F 125 88 550
G 160 110 750
H 150 100 900
I 175 115 1500
J 200 140 2000
K 250 175 4200

Water Still Steel Wall Mounting
Water Still Steel Wall Mounting  

Wall mounting, the Manesty still has been designed for continuous automatic and efficient production of high quality distilled water at minimum cost. The boiling chamber, condenser pipe, tube assembly and inner baffles are made of stainless steel. All electric elements are fitted with protective cut-outs. Supplied complete with brackets for wall mounting and leads with plugs. Electrical supply : 220-240V, 50-60Hz. Output (Ltr/hr) : 3 - 4. Power Consumption : 2 x 1.5kW.

Water Still Borosilicate Glass
Water Still Borosilicate Glass  

The Still Glass Distillation has an elegant design. The unit is very economical with very good efficiency.

Special features :


  • Sufficiently more output: The Still yields an output of 4 ltr/hr distilled water for a power consumption of 3kW Single Phase through a metal heater (chromium plated) with thermostatic cutoff system.
  • The output temperature of the Still is 30°C to 40°C (approx), which is taken care by efficient cooling by double coiled Borosilicate condenser.
  • The unit has two portions one boiler and the other condenser. The unit is mounted on a sturdy metal stand.
  • The boiler is provided with TEFLON screw cork for easy cleaning of the boiler.

Quality of distillate 

  • Best for General laboratory usage.
  • The conductivity of water is approx. 1.5 to 2.5 M-cm PH 5-6 PYROGEN FREE.
  • The above quality of distillate is obtained by using treated water as boiler feed.
  • All rubber tube connections can be made with threaded connectors.